Nov 13, 2018

Top tips for Summer Snacks

Home made treats for hot days!

Save money with these fun treat recipes.

With the warmer weather arriving, we thought we would share some tips on treating your fur babies this summer! There are plenty of pet-safe treats available at your local clinics and pet stores but did you know there are some easy, safe treats you can whip up for your pet in your own kitchen?

As with all treats, the following should be given in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and should not be given to any animals who have sensitive tummies or who have a known intolerance to any of the ingredients listed in the recipes below.    

Peanut Butter Pops

You need an ice-cube tray


1 x Celery stalk*

Natural Peanut Butter (Xylitol FREE – this is important!)


  1. Place a dollop of peanut butter into each section of the ice tray.
  2. Thinly slice your celery into sticks and place in the centre of each dollop of peanut butter.
  3. Pop into freezer and leave until completely frozen.
  4. Treat your pup on a hot day!

*Alternatively you might want to use some of your dog’s regular biscuits as the popsicle“stick”, if they are big enough.  


Icy Kong

You need a Kong toy(or similar)


1 x Cup cooked,unseasoned mashed potatoes

Handful of cooked, plain shredded chicken breast


  1. Blend cooked chicken and potatoes together in a bowl.  
  2. Place spoonfuls of mix into Kong toy until full. If the mixture is a little thick, you can always add water for a runnier consistency.
  3. Pop into freezer and leave until completely frozen.
  4. Give to the bestest dog as a treat when you need to leave for a few hours, or when they need something to keep them occupied!



Chicken Stock Drops

You need an ice-cube tray


1 x cube of chicken stock, reduced-salt (important!)*

450ml water

Small handful of basil or parsley (great for fresh breath!)



  1. Dissolve chicken stock in water and set aside.
  2. Chop up basil or parsley into small pieces (or blend in a mixer for finer texture). Add to chicken stock mix.
  3. Place mixture into ice cube trays.
  4. Pop into freezer and wait until completely frozen.
  5. Can be given as a cool summer treat or add to your pet’s water bowl to entice them to drink more frequently.

*If your pet is sensitive to chicken protein, you might want to try vegetable stock. Check with your vet if you are concerned.


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