Companion Services

Complete Vet Care

Our clinics are well-equipped to provide the optimum in care for your precious pet and our staff are knowledgeable and eager to help you.

From medical case management to surgery, from dentistry to nutritional advice we have you covered.

Life Stage Care

For newbies...

Veterinary Hospital Group runs puppy pre-school classes at each clinic, to help your new addition master the basics. Your puppy will get the chance to practice social skills and you'll have the opportunity to learn about their health and behaviour.

The one-hour classes, once a week (perfect for that short puppy attention span) are a chance for you both to get help with toilet training, obedience and any behavioural issues. When your new furry friend graduates, they will receive a certificate and prize. To find out about costs, and when the next class starts, contact your nearest Veterinary Hospital Group clinic.

For seniors…

After years of love and loyalty, our pets deserve a bit of extra care in their old age. We can talk you through changes in nutritional needs for senior pets, keeping them mobile and monitoring for age-related diseases. Old age is NOT a disease, but unfortunately it does come with some. We'll ensure that your loved ones get as much out of life in their later years as possible.

Extended Care

With many veterinarians working in our group we're sure to have someone to help you out with a particular problem with your pet. We have vets with different areas of expertise and interest ready to help you out. And if referral is required we can easily arrange that for you, to ensure that you and your pet get the best care possible.


Make sure your animals get home safely if you’re separated. Puppies have to be microchipped by the time they are six months old but even older dogs and cats can be fitted with a chip at any time.

Companion Vet Services

Ultrasound Referrals

Ultrasound interpretation and diagnosis

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Surgical Referrals

Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery Referrals

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Pet Medical Care & Hospitalisation

We have a full hospital capabilities on site in each clinic, with dedicated nurses to offer attentive care for your sick pet.

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Pet Dentistry

Dental disease is one of the most common problems seen in cats and dogs.

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Pet Desexing

Desexing is a commonly perfomed surgical procedure for your pet.

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Puppy Preschool

Auckland Puppy pre-school classes are run at all the Vet Hospital Group Clinics.

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Pet Vaccinations

Prevention is always better than cure.

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Vet Consultation & Health Checks

We can give your pets a full and thorough check-over whenever it is needed.

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