Companion Services

Vet Consultation & Health Checks

We can give your pets a full and thorough check-over whenever it is needed.

We can give your pets a full and thorough check-over whenever it is needed, to determine why they are unwell or to reassure you that they are well and ready to take on the world. Animals can't tell us what's wrong or where it hurts so the vets will listen carefully to your concerns and perform a thorough examination to work out what is going on. An annual check-up is recommended to keep on top of any changes to your pets health and wellbeing.

Nursing Services & Advice

Sometimes you just want a bit of help with your pet’s health needs, without a full vet consultation. Our nurses can help with everything from pet nail care to the best flea treatment and weight loss solutions.

Weight and dietary advice

Have you heard the saying "you are what you eat"? Well nutrition is of fundamental importance for our pets as well as to us. Diet can influence immunity, skin and coat health as well as weight and gastro-intestinal health. All of our clinics stock a range of premium diets and we're here to give advice on what is right for individual pets needs. And if the scales are not showing the numbers you'd like and your pet is a little bit under- or over-weight we can devise a plan to get your pet back on track.

Key points to reducing stress in cats when visiting the vets

Vet visits can be stressful - help reduce the stress.

Companion Vet Services

Ultrasound Referrals

Ultrasound interpretation and diagnosis

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Surgical Referrals

Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery Referrals

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Complete Vet Care

Our clinics are well-equipped to provide the optimum in care for your precious pet and our staff are knowledgeable and eager to help you.

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Pet Medical Care & Hospitalisation

We have a full hospital capabilities on site in each clinic, with dedicated nurses to offer attentive care for your sick pet.

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Pet Dentistry

Dental disease is one of the most common problems seen in cats and dogs.

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Pet Desexing

Desexing is a commonly perfomed surgical procedure for your pet.

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Puppy Preschool

Auckland Puppy pre-school classes are run at all the Vet Hospital Group Clinics.

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Pet Vaccinations

Prevention is always better than cure.

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