Apr 5, 2019

Key points to reducing stress in cats when visiting the vets

Vet visits can be stressful - help reduce the stress.

Select an appropriate carrier

  • Select a carrier that is appropriate for the size and weight of your cat.
  • Carriers that have more than one entrance are best.
  • Ensure the carrier is sturdy and secure.
  • Ensure you know how to use the carrier.

Promote a positive relationship between your cat and the cat carrier

  • Start early!
  • Integrate the carrier into your home. Don’t tuck it away in the garage!
  • Place the carrier some where in the house where the cat can have access to it on their own accord. This will allow the cat to explore and familiarise themselves with the carrier associating it with “Home”and “Safety” as well as allowing them to rub their scent all over it.
  • Place familiar bedding in the carrier as this will carry the cat’s scent as well as the scent of home.
  • Use treats or toys to encourage going inside the carrier and allow the cat to enter and exit at their own pace. Rushing a cat during the introductory phase will only create more apprehension toward the object.
  • If integrating the carrier into your home is not possible, then ensure the carrier is brought out at least a week prior to using it.
  • Never use the carrier in a negative way as this will only make the cat associate the carrier with negative emotions.


Using the carrier

  • Place bedding on the floor of the carrier that is suitable for a toileting accident. Ensure the substrate is washable or disposable such as a toileting pad or newspaper and a towel.
  • Place a cover over the carrier such as a towel.This will promote security and safety.
  • Use Feliway spray on the covering towel, bedding inside the carrier, your clothing as well as in your vehicle. https://www.feliway.com/nz/Products/FELIWAY-Spray
  • Place the carrier on the floor in the foot wells.Avoid placing the carrier on a seat with a seat belt unless the carrier is specifically designed to do so.
  • Minimise excessive sound during the journey such as loud music or having the windows down.
  • Keep the vehicle at a comfortable temperature.
  • Plan your journey with enough time to avoid rushing and becoming stressed.
  • Speak to your cat and re assure them 😊


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