The Raw Food Diet debate

Is raw the answer?

October 4, 2018

Raw      food feeding

With      so many different options on the market it is hard to decide what product      is best for your pet.  No one diet is guaranteed to work for every      pet, which is why you may need to try a few different options before      finding the perfect one.

The      raw food based diet has grown in popularity in recent years, but the      discussions around it have also grown regarding the benefits and risks.

The      major motivation for people feeding a raw food based diet is that it is a      more ‘natural’ diet, based on what primitive dogs ate.  However, the      dogs in our homes do not resemble their wild ancestors.  With so      many physiological differences between our pets and their wild ancestors,      can we be certain that what they ate is the ideal diet for your pet?

Below      is an outline of the risks and benefits regarding raw food to help you      make an informed decision.  It is important to remember that what is      best for your pet may not be best for someone else’s pet.  Before      deciding to proceed you should discuss your options with your      veterinarian.   

There      are two major types of raw diets:      Commercial – fresh or frozen which supply all the dog’s requirements      usually in a meat patty form.      Home prepared – usually consists of raw meat, bones, fruit, vegetable,      grains and supplements.


•  You have total control over what is included in your pet’s      food and where those ingredients came from.

•  The diet can be prepared to avoid foods that your pet is      allergic to. 


•  Raw diets have been found to contain harmful bacteria like      Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli.  These bacteria are easily      spread through food handling, dogs’ mouths and faeces. These can pose a      serious health risk to immuno-compromised, elderly and young children.

•  Feeding bones can cause choking, intestinal blockages,      constipation or broken teeth.  An interesting article can be found      here about an Auckland specialist who is seeing a lot more cases of      animals being fed bones.


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