Sep 17, 2021

The Big Itch

Seasonal allergy time is here!

Itchy animals are unhappy animals.

So springtime is here and with that brings skin problems for some of our patients.

Allergies to grasses being the most common. In general the problem areas are the feet but it can be anywhere on the body.


Dogs are presented to us for over licking their toes. The itch itself can easily be controlled with tablets or monthly injections.

We normally do a skin scrape at the clinic so we can look under the microscope for further infections.


As the feet are wet and warm ( from the licking ) we often see secondary bacterial infections or growth of yeast.

These infections will need either antibiotic or antifungal treatment , mostly in the form of a course of tablets.


It can take some time to get on top of the allergy but once under control the patients are so much happier !

So if your fur baby is having skin issues please remember it is totally treatable and we can get on top of their discomfort, please book to see one of our friendly vets .


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Share this article :
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