Jun 10, 2021

Stress relieving Diets

Dietary management to aid anxious and stressed cats and dogs

Royal Canin Calm Diets for stressed or anxious dogs and cats

 Does your cat or dog show signs of emotional stress, anxiety, or social phobias? Royal Canin’s recent formulation and  development of a specific well balanced nutritional diet to help maintain ‘emotional’ balance for your furry friends may be worth a try?


Royal Canin’s Calm  Diet is available as  dry biscuits in a 2kg bag for cats and a 4kg bag for both cats and dogs.  It is a nutritionally complete diet which helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, good oral hygiene, and skin barrier protection. 


The Calm diets have two specific ingredients (casein hydrolysate and tryptophan)  which help decrease anxiety and perceived stress in cats and dogs.  Casein is a protein derived from cow milk which has calming properties and anti-allergy effects and has been used to some forms of skin dermatitis.  It is also useful in animals who are facing stress-related digestive and urinary sensitivities.  Tryptophan is a specific amino acid with stress relieving ‘calming’ effects.


Royal Canin Calm diets are not recommended for use in animals with or previous history or current symptoms of chronic kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, heart failure, hypertension, pancreatitis, or hyperlipidaemia.


If this diet sounds like it could benefit one of your furry friends, come in and talk to one of our friendly team today.


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