Nov 8, 2017

Know your cat

Some insight into cat behaviour and how to enrich your cat's environment

Feline Environmental Enrichment?

Studies around the world have helped understand how our pet cats evolved and how they behave as part of our family.

Feline Environmental Enrichment looks at many factors including origins, environment and behaviour to make recommendations for best practice cat ownership.

The authors do a much better job of explaining than we could hope so the first link is to an International Cat Care web page on the origin of cats:

Most of us know how to look after our cats but a brochure was produced by ISFM to summarise the optimal requirements:

Feline obesity is a worldwide problem with everyone having their own opinion or experience (similar to human obesity?) but behavioural factors seem a large contributor to the problem as outlined in the last article:

We hope these articles are of interest and may help you understand how complex cats are and that they are neither small dogs or small humans!


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