Jun 3, 2020

Fleas and Winter

Flea treatments should be year round

Fleas in Winter

Brrr Its Cold Out There…… Can Fleas Survive During Winter?


Think fleas are just a summer problem? Think again! You won’t find as many fleas around during winter but they still pose a risk to your pet. Remember that a single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day for three months!


Cold temperatures don’t kill fleas or their eggs, they do however slow the life cycle down. Fleas can hatch all through winter.


Carpets, your pets bedding and certain out door spaces can provide fleas and flea larvae with enough warmth and protection to survive during the colder months.


Failing to use flea protection during the winter months can still cause significant health issues for you pet like itching, scratching and skin irritations.


By skipping winter flea treatment you also open your home and garden up to a flea infestation once the warmer months hit. Flea infestations are difficult to clear and can take up to three months to see any improvement.


Talk with one of our team to help work out the best all year round product for your pet.


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