May 4, 2021

Cat Myths

5 Myths about your Cat

Cat facts or myths?

Myth 1 –“Cats Love Milk”

This is a common misconception when it comes to cats. In fact as they get older cats become lactose intolerant, this is when the body can not digest dairy products such as milk. When cats are kittens they have and enzyme called lactase. This enzyme helps with the break down of milk as when they are kittens they are fed their mothers milk. As a cats get older this enzyme disappears from their body making it hard for them to digest milk.

Myth 2 –“Pregnant Women Can’t Live With Cats”

Many people have removed their cat from their home during pregnancy due to this myth, but there is more to this than what meets the eye. Cats can carry a parasite called Toxoplasmosis which is a parasite that can be shed in your cat’s faeces. This parasite can cause birth defects and miscarriages in pregnant women. So a pregnant woman should stay clear of picking up the cats faeces and cleaning  the cats litter tray, but she can still live with the cat.  

Myth 3 –“Cats Always Land On Their Feet”

While cats do have an impressive righting reflex cats do not always land on their feet. Often when cats fall from large heights they can land on their chin, or break their wrists and possibly belly flop. They may also get air in and around their lungs because of a little tear that can become present in their lungs from falling at a great distance. So if your cat falls from a great height please do not assume that your cat will automatically be okay as injuries that can be caused can be a big burden on their welfare

Myth 4 –“When Cats Purr They Are Happy”

Cats do indeed often purr when they are happy however a cat often also purrs when they are nervous, or as a warning before they swipe at you wanting you to stop patting them. Cats also sometimes purr when they are hungry. When a cat is hungry or wanting you to stop patting them they are not necessarily very happy. Yes they do purr when they are happy as well but not all the time.

Myth 5 –“Black Cats are Bad Luck”

This is a myth that has been around for centuries in many countries but it is actually very untrue. Unfortunately many people believe this myth which means a lot of black cats miss out on a forever home. There is no scientific truth to this facts and in some countries black cats are known for good luck. So if you’re ever thinking about adopting a cat please remember black cats are not bad luck.


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