Nov 8, 2017

Beach etiquette for dog owners

Summer is coming...

Summer is on the way and what better way to spend the day then at the beach with your favorite fur friend.

  • Sunscreen? Check!
  • Umbrella? Check?
  • Fur Buddy?…..Before ticking him off the list take a minute to review beach etiquette rules.

Before heading out check that the beach you are going to allows dogs and whether they have time restriction during summer. The council can give you a fine for your dogs being on the beach during restricted times.Remember to pack a water bottle for your dog because drinking too much sea water can lead to health issues with the young, sick and the old.

Once you arrive at the beach make sure your fur buddy is on a lead BEFORE you get out of the car. Most public areas require your dog to be on a lead at all times or else fines can be imposed. While keeping your dog safe it also allows for a more pleasant experience for all visitors to the beach.

While you are slip, slop and slapping yourself with sunscreen remember to do the same for dogs with pink skin, white hair and short coats. Also areas that are exposed like pink noses, ears and tummies. During the heat of the day make sure they have a cool shaded area to catch their breath and rest up.

Lastly at some point during the day your dog is going to answer the call of nature. This is where responsible dog ownership comes into play: you are responsible for picking up after your dog and disposing of it properly so pack lots of poop bags.

At the end of a great beach day make sure to wash your dog off to get rid of any beach sand that can damage their coats and cause irritation. Also make sure to dry their ears if they will let you as this helps prevent ear infections.

By following these simple rules you and your dog will have a great day out and will be welcomed back by fellow beach users next time!


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