Jan 13, 2023
Dr Elyse Mazenier

Barney and the fish hook

Swallowed foreign bodies are a worry

Barney got hooked!

Barney the French bulldog was enjoying his normal day at the beach when he decided to sniff into some rubbish. Unfortunately he was not aware that this rubbish included a discarded fish hook. Barney’s owner quickly noticed some fishing line coming out of his mouth and tried to pull it out but was unsuccessful. He was presented to our Silverdale Clinic and we attempted to remove the fish hook while he was conscious. Unfortunately he began to struggle to breathe so we had to go into an emergency surgery to allow us to remove the hook. X-rays showed that he had now swallowed the fish hook and it was sitting in his stomach. The fish hook was successfully removed from his stomach during surgery and he made a full recovery.

It is very important for everyone to do their part in removing their own rubbish on the beach especially. Had it not been for Barney’s attentive owner, his outcome could have been a lot worse. Remember to pick up whatever you put down!

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