Surgery, Anaesthesia, Dental or Procedure Admission

This section is for animals undergoing routine desexing procedures only.  If this is not your pet please proceed straight to Section D as, if bloods and fluids are required for animals undergoing non routine procedures the cost will have been factored into the treatment estimate provided.

Pre-anaesthetic blood work is highly recommended prior to any anaesthesia. This bloodwork allows us to screen for abnormalities in the status of your pet’s organ function that may increase their risk of serious complications with surgery

Intravenous fluid therapy is recommended for all procedures but is especially important (and strongly recommended) for female dogs being desexed.  Intravenous fluids help maintain blood pressure under anaesthesia which protects vital organ oxygenation and function.

Please note: Estimates include anticipated costs for the day of your pet’s procedure.  Rarely, complications may occur which cannot be anticipated and are not included in the above estimate.  If any of these unforeseen circumstances occur you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss any potential additional charges.

Possible complications associated with anaesthesia and surgery include, but are not limited to: unexplained anaesthetic death, injury during induction or recovery, post anaesthetic complications, surgical wound infection or breakdown or failure to achieve a desired outcome.  Thankfully serious complications are extremely rare.  If you have any questions regarding possible complications for your particular pet please contact our team prior to bringing your pet to the clinic.

I, being the owner, or an authorised agent, of the above pet hereby authorise the Veterinary Hospital Group to perform the above-mentioned anaesthetic and procedure(s) on my pet.  I agree to pay for these services and have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding my pet’s care.

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