Jul 22, 2021

Winter Dangers for Cats and Dogs

Problems associated with Pests

winter Dangers

Winter is also the season where we see the most rats and mice lurking around, trying to find a warm place inside, away from the cold weather. When there are rats there is ratbait. Make sure that any dangerous toxins are kept well away from your pets to prevent ingestion of these harmful substances.

With rats also come Leptospirosis, a disease which causes major damage to the liver and kidney and can be fatal. We have seen a case of Leptospirosis very recently in a 16 week old puppy. Unfortunately, despite intensive treatment, the puppy passed away.

Please check that your dogs are up to date with their Leptospirosis vaccines to keep them safe this winter. If you have a new puppy, make sure they get ALL their necessary vaccinations and they are not taken outside their property until 7-10days after their final vaccination (16 weeks old) to prevent a similar tragedy occurring. If your pet has ingested a toxic substance, or suddenly becomes lethargic, feverish, vomiting, diarrhoea, lose their appetite, get in touch with your vet right away.


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