Aug 16, 2021

Keep up flea treatments


Fleas can be an all year problem

Treat fleas all year round

Our pets are part of our lives and this includes being with us inside our homes.  Some pet owners think they only need to protect their pets for fleas during spring or summer, due to fleas needing a warm, humid environment. However, with our pets being indoors throughout winter, fleas have a warm environment too.  Fleas continue to thrive in homes through winter, so treating year-round is integral to good flea control.

While the flea life cycle doesn’t seem exciting to learn about - what you need to remember is:

·        The flea life cycle takes on average between 3 and 8 weeks, however it can be much longer.  You need to use flea protection which works for at least this time frame to kill adult fleas as they mature.

·        An adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. Constant and complete flea protection is necessary to break this cycle.

·        The immature flea life cycle stages typically live in the soft furnishing of your home – wherever your pet likes to be in the house.

·        The pupae of a flea can survive several months in your house.

·        A warm and cosy winter home provides an environment where fleas can develop, eggs that were laid in summer and autumn can continue to develop through winter.

Remember to treat all the pets in your household – even if a particular pet is not scratching, and you can’t see fleas on him/her. Cats are fastidious groomers, and an itchy cat will often groom more rather than scratching like a dog might. Cats will remove fleas during grooming, so they can be difficult to find on a cat even though a flea infestation is present.

Ensure that all pets in your household are on year-round, effective flea control that is administered regularly according to product label instructions. Bravecto chew for dogs, Bravecto Plus and Bravecto spot-on solution for cats all provide 3 months of effective flea control with just one dose, which means that one treatment may drive an existing infestation to extinction.  Bravecto spot-on solution for dogs delivers an amazing 6 months of effective flea control, meaning just two doses per year provide year-round flea protection.

Bravecto Plus for cats also treats for roundworm and lungworm infections and is approved for the treatment of ear mites.

The Bravecto range work fast and continue to kill fleas before they start to lay eggs for the full treatment interval. Regular treatment with Bravecto as per the recommended treatment interval will ensure that an infestation does not return, keeping your pets protected year round.

Now it’s easier than ever to look after your fur family and manage fleas all year round with long lasting Bravecto.


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