Apr 22, 2020

Alert Level 3 Guidelines

Get those Pet Boosters up to Date, Pets Teeth cleaned or Pets de-sexed

What Alert Level 3 will change

Level 3 allows Annual vaccination, de-sexing and dentals





On Tuesday 28th April New Zealand moves into COVID-19 Alert Level 3


What does this mean for the Veterinary Hospital Group?


We remain open!!

Following the Ministry of Health, MPI and the NZVA guidelines and we will continue to operate most of our protocols from Alert Level 4 to ensure our teams and pet owners are kept safe:


-Call ahead for all necessary visits to our clinics: appointments, collection of purchases etc

-Email the clinic with general enquiries or to place orders for medications, pet food etc

-Pet owners will still not be permitted to enter our clinics at Level 3, Pets will

- Instructions for handover to be given at the time of booking and on arrival, pet owners will be asked to wait in their car & the veterinary consultation will be conducted via telephone, to ensure contactless visits

-Any further instructions will be given over the phone

-We will be maintaining social distancing amongst our teams

-Contact Tracing: We must collect contact details from all visitors who attend our clinics even though they are not entering the building

-Telemedicine may be conducted where appropriate (with you & your pet at home)

-You must advise us of any occupants in your home that are sick

-Payments are to be processed over the phone, online or by PayWave from Level 3

-Be assured that we are continuing our existing high standard hygiene protocols


Everything may take longer than usual and we are working extra hard to ensure everybody stays safe!!!


We thank you all for your patience and kindness towards our awesome teams





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