Why choose VHG to care for your pets?

At Veterinary Hospital Group, we have a range of medical, surgical and laboratory services and benefits to help us care for your pets, including:

why choose VHG to care for your pets?Annual health checks

It is important that your pets get a regular health check, to help detect any problems early, and make sure they stay in tip top health.


We recommend annual health examinations with booster vaccinations as needed, to protect your pets against some common pet ailments, including cat flu, parvovirus and infectious cough. It is a small, painless injection at most once a year for the major diseases. Please talk to us about the recommended vaccination protocol for your pet.

Puppy Pre-school

All Vet Hospital Group clinics run a puppy pre-school. This is a great way to socialize your new puppy in a safe and controlled environment, as well as learning some new skills on looking after your pup at home.


Micro-chipping is the best way to ensure a lost pet gets home and has been a legal requirement in dogs for many years. We usually microchip pets when they are vaccinated, but can do it at any stage (dogs must be done by 6 months of age). We can also register your details on the NZCAR (Companion Animal Register) for speedy return of lost animals as this register covers all of New Zealand.


Desexing helps to reduce certain unwanted behaviours, and decrease the number of unwanted pets out there. It is a routine day procedure. For more information, contact your nearest VHG clinic.


Just like people, pets need regular dental checkups too. We are able to provide a full service from a prophylactic scale and polish, to full extractions.


With an onsite xray machine and automatic developer, we are able to see what is going on inside your pet, without the need to send them somewhere else.

On-site laboratory service

We offer state-of-the-art IDEXX blood testing equipment to better understand your pets health status quickly. This is particularly important in emergency cases or prior to any anaesthesia. We also have on-site microscopy and urinalysis.


We offer a full hospital service with dedicated nursing care, fluid pumps, and electric blankets.

Nursing services / advice

Whether your pet needs a manicure or you want to know what the best food or flea treatment is, make an appointment to see one of the VHG nurses. They are able to offer advice on weight loss, exercise, nutrition, and behaviour among other things.

Boston-in-styley-pets-jacket-225x300We also offer:

  • Friendly, caring and professional staff
  • Easy access to all clinics, with ample car parking
  • Experienced staff who regularly update their skills and knowledge
  • Qualified veterinary nurses who are able to offer help and advice
  • A range of appointment times, and late night opening hours
  • A range of healthcare and pet products