You guys are the best Albany!! Dre is feeling much better already  – Kate Foster

Would highly recommend  – Michelle Beach

Was dreading taking my boys anywhere other than the vet I worked with in Wellington, but Raewyn is a fantastic vet, very happy cats, very happy owner  ) – Nic McErlain

Thank you Head Nurse Laura for taking me under your wing. As a vet nurse student, i have learnt so much in just 2 days. Thank u for allowing me to do so much already. Can’t wait to be back next Thurs and Friday. – Wendy Leigh Longman

I would like to highly recommend Gae at the Albany Veterinary Clinic on Albany Highway, they are part of the Veterinary Hospital Group. We take our dog and two cats to this practice, they are the nicest people and Gae in particular obviously loves animals and takes a genuine interest in their welfare – Friends of Albany

Always great with our Mr Milo – been going since he was a pup in puppy pre-school (yes – he was the one that always got sprayed with the water bottle!), and now he’s a daft old man at the age of 10.  – Helen Lewthwaite

they are an awesome vet clinic, we use Daniel who is fantastic  – Megan Drabble

Bingo, CJ and Splash thank you for looking after them Gae. – Michelle Beach

You guys are the best! I just bought my two cats in this morning (Albany), and you make the vet visit so much easier (for me at least) Gae, you’re an angel! Thank you so much for taking good care of my babies! – Helen Lawrence

Northern Animal Shelter sent me  Albany is our Vet clinic. They are lovely – Jo Wellesley Smith

On behalf of the Gateway programme we would like to thankyou for allowing our student to spend time at the Hobsonville Clinic. The time spent there was a valuable learning experience to help her achieve her goals and was greatly appreciated. – Massey High School

Thank you for having our senior student at your clinic during their Gateway work placement programme. It has enabled them to have an insight into a career of their choice and strengthened the pathway from school to workplace learning. – Carmel College

Thank you all so much for allowing me to complete my hours at your Clinic. I have really enjoyed my time and learnt so much! Hopefully I will be back next year. – Unitec Vet Nurse 1st year Student

For the last 10 years I have bought my pets to be cared for by your Clinic. Even when we moved further away we still came to you, however we have moved further again and are going more local as the cats hate the car travel! However we wanted to say thanks for the great treatment over the years. – Sarah Lovell