Pet Insurance

At Veterinary Hospital Group we are strong believers in the benefits of pet insurance.

As pet owners we always try and do the best we can for our pets. Pet insurance allows you to do this, without the constraints of having to worry about how to pay for it, should the worst happen.

We recommend Southern Cross Pet Insurance.

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We are happy to be able to offer all new pet owners (those who see us for puppy and kitten vaccinations before their new pet is 12 months old) six weeks of FREE pet insurance – with no obligation to continue if you don’t wish – though we are sure you will with their great affordable plans.

Below are the answers to a few commonly asked questions – but for more information, feel free to phone Southern Cross Pet Insurance directly on 0800 800 836, or pop in to your nearest VHG clinic.

Q1. Am I covered today if I arrange the insurance before I come in?

A1. That depends on what your pet is coming in for. Pet insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions, so your insurance needs to be organised well in advance of you needing it.

Q2. Will they cover congenital or hereditary conditions?

A2. Again, that depends. This really depends on which insurance company you choose. One reason we at VHG recommend Southern Cross is they DO NOT exclude congenital and hereditary conditions, as long as this insurance is in place before the condition shows any symptoms.

Q3. Do they cover desexing, vaccinations and flea treatments?

A3. No, as these are routine costs associated with pet ownership. Pet insurance covers the unforeseen costs associated with an accident or illness.

Q4. My pet is still young, do I really need insurance?

A4. Insuring your pet while they are still young means that they are covered should the unforeseen happen in the future. Also, many puppies and kittens, being as inquisitive as they are, often need unexpected vet visits. 1 in 3 pets will make an unplanned visit to the vet. Insurance helps you to cover this cost.