Tail Docking

Dogs will have another thing to wag their tails about next year! Prohibition of tail docking, except in the case of medical necessity by a veterinarian will come into effect from October 2018. This is great news for dogs and dog lovers alike in New Zealand, and has been a long fought out battle. Every […]

Raw Food Diets

With so many different options on the market it is hard to decide what product is best for your pet.  No one diet is guaranteed to work for every pet, which is why you may need to try a few different options before finding the perfect one. The raw food based diet has grown in […]

Muzzles can be fun

We want trips to the vet to be as fun and relaxing as possible for you and your pet. You will notice that veterinarians and veterinary nurses use a lot of treats at every visit. We have puppy classes so dogs love the vet clinic right from the beginning. We encourage good training to include […]

Know Your Cat

Feline Environmental Enrichment? Studies around the world have helped understand how our pet cats evolved and how they behave as part of our family. Feline Environmental Enrichment looks at many factors including origins, environment and behaviour to make recommendations for best practice cat ownership. The authors do a much better job of explaining than we […]

Ways to help you find a lost Pet

Tips and Tricks to prevent losing your best friend and getting reunited quickly   Nobody likes to lose their best friend so in case you ever find yourself in the situation of losing your pet we have some tips for you how you can prevent, find and get reunited quickly. Let’s talk about prevention. That […]

Dreams Really Do Come True!

  Scientists have invented a device that allows dogs to communicate (yes really) It might sound like a back to the future idea but a team of Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in America has done just that. They have created a computerised doggy vest that helps our four legged companions communicate with […]

Feline Leprosy

Today we consider an infrequently seen skin condition that is not passed to humans from cats. Leprosy is a skin disease which can affect many different species including humans. It is caused by infection with Mycobacteria. In New Zealand, leprosy is occasionally seen in cats and it is believed that cats contract the infection from […]

Bee stings

At this time of year it is common for pets, especially dogs, to be stung by bees. A single sting will cause local pain, swelling and redness often followed by itching. If there are many stings or an allergic reaction is triggered, then swelling of a large area or even whole limbs may be present […]


Our pets are with us, our families, and in our homes all year round.  Flea treatment has been viewed as a seasonal need only over the warmer months. Now with our homes warm all year round and our pets inside, flea treatment needs to be managed all year round. Preventative management of fleas is recommended […]